Kangen Water Systen

Provides better hydration, helps with energy and focus. Neutralizes the acidity in your body, by counteracting the effects of eating acidic foods. Aids in weight loss. Cleanses the colon.

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That is exactly what happened! My husband kept getting a nasty rash on his right lower leg.  It hurt, it burned and at times it seemed to spread.  He went to the doctor who prescribed him antibiotics time and time again.  The rash would disappear only to reappear a short while later, and in different places.  It moved from his right leg to the left and then back again.  This went on for over three years and the doctors tested his arteries, veins and ran blood tests to get to the bottom of what was causing this with no answers.

The rash cleared up

I ran a restaurant and invited other small businesses to come showcase their products so the community could support the local small business owners.  In comes Christina.  She was going to share and do a water demo.  Once I saw and understood the benefits of Alkaline water, I rushed my husband to go learn about the water too.  He saw the hydration, detoxing and alkalizing benefits of the water so we invested in a system right away.  He drank the water(9.5ph) and sprayed the acidic water (2.5ph) on his legs.  Well, all I can say is that once we changed our water, not only did the rash clear up, but it has never returned since!  My whole family benefits from this amazing water. 

We only serve Kangen

Even my customers at my restaurant benefit from this amazing water.  We only serve Kangen water and many guests have commented on the delicious taste as well as how the water energizes them! We are a greener restaurant as we have replaced many of the chemical cleaners with the different waters produced by this water system.  To find out all there is to know about Alkaline water and how it can make a difference in your life, check out the links below.


watch our demo

Watch this quick 14 minute video to show you why your home needs Kanger Water System.

information on kangen water system

Did you know that the Kangen Water System can deliver various ph water at the touch of a button. You can use the different water on practically anything. Here are some examples below:

  • 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 ph Alkaline Drinking water: to keep your body from becoming acidic
  • 6.0 pH Beauty Water: To be used as skin toner, after shave or sunburn Cooling mist
  • 2.5 PH sanitation water: Disinfect & sanitize your whole home chemical free (no Bleach!)
  • 11.5 Degreasing water: Cleans everything from degreasing to cleaning To pesticide removal from your fruits and vegetables
  • 7.0  PH Neutral Water: the cleanest drinking water you can get best used in baby formula or when taking medication