Learn To Master Your Emotions

Emotional Consultation

Do you feel like everyone gets ahead while no matter how hard you work, you're left behind? Do you feel sad? Inadequate or never enough?  

If you suffer from anxiety and depression and want to change the negative to positive then you are the perfect fit for the Emotional Consultation.  

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The Most Important Relationship...

Do you know what the most important relationship is in your life?

It's not the one you have with your spouse, your kids, your family or your boss. You see, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.  Once you realize this and understand it, many things change.

During your Emotional Consultation, you'll discover how you can begin your day with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart. Even if you suffer from anxiety and depression. You'll see how you can change the negative to positive.   

Our health begins in our mind.  Where the mind goes, the body follows. You are the creator of your life, if you don’t like what you see, simply re-create.  Learn how to re-write your story and be the hero of your life.  There is no love better than self-love.  There is no better health care than self-care.

Take the time to really get to know your authentic self.  Are you the person who tries to or lives up to everyone’s expectations even at the expense of yourself? Do you compromise your true self to fit in? Get reacquainted with who you truly are.  Build that relationship on trust, honor and unconditional love for yourself.  Learn how to become your best friend.  Become the change you wish to see.  Go within and unleash the power of self-love and self-care.  Find your Braveheart and truly heal. 

What You'll Discover

Self Empowerment

Sow the seeds of self-empowerment that will grow into self-care and unconditional self-love. 

Authentic Self

Give birth to your authentic self and realize the unlimited potential you have.

Personal Action

Plan to take massive personal action to build your perfect day lifestyle.

Your Unlimited Potential

Uncover and discover your unlimited potential for self-healing and how to be the creator of your life! 

Let Yourself 'Off the Hook'

Learn how to let go of the ‘Hooks’ that keep us enslaved in the negative emotions; anger, grief, upset... 

Mind Mapping

Retrace, erase and replace the trauma drama from your past and create a new map of reality of your past to super boost your present.

The Emotional Consultation

You're Only 4 Steps Away from Recreating Your Life

We focus on The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Day 

What you eat

What you drink

What you think

What you do

All these four pillars needs to be high vibrational in order for you to start the journey of self healing. 

During your Emotional Consultation you'll discover the 12 Steps Plan to aid you in recreating your life so that you can create a better relationship with yourself. You'll understand why true healing is self-healing. Knowing that the only true health care is self-care will empower you to live up to your full potential. 

How Shalu can help 

Shalu has dedicated her life reading and exploring self-help books in a continued effort to achieve happiness and success.  Although they helped, there was a missing piece.  Shalu found that missing piece of unconditional self-love in Kelowna, B.C. when she took Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s New World Practitioner Course.   

Are you getting your daily DOSE of Vitamin L (love)? When you create a positive thought, frequency or experience, it triggers the brain to release positive hormones and chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins (DOSE).  These gentle, loving chemicals and hormones create and promote self-healing.  Learn different techniques to trigger the brain to stay at ease and release your daily dose of Vitamin L!  

Felicia San Pedro

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"Simply awesome! I find it difficult to warm up to people, but with Shalu I feel I can be myself around her.  I’ve been seeing Shalu for non-surgical treatments for the last while and she has a way of making me feel so comfortable.  Her ability to support my emotional breakthroughs during treatments is so refreshing.  Shalu is able to distinguish between supporting the emotional aspects versus understanding that the emotions get stuck in the physical body that need to be released.  She has helped me work through more emotional blocks than any other therapists I’ve had in the past.  Her kind approach is what I appreciate the most about her.  I highly recommend Shalu for the emotional and the non-surgical treatments for anyone suffering from pain and inflammation.  I appreciate all that she does for me.

... PLUS the bonus

For all new patients, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses:

4 L of Kangen Water 
Icon of a water jug and glass outlines in a this black line on a white background

Take home a 4L Kagen Water

Value: $10
Yours FREE 

Perfect Day Guide
Perfect Day pdf cover with various veggies around it

Receive a free pdf of The Perfect Day Guide.  This book contains a wealth of information on health and wellness to aid you in the healing.

Value: $299
Yours FREE 

What Makes Us Different?

Since all disease begins with blocked emotions, it is most important to know how to identify the emotions blocked and then ways to clear them. We show you how to use various techniques such as calendar tracking and mind mapping to eliminate these blocks. You have access to a pdf copy of The Perfect Day Guide to help you create your perfect day. As well access to various energy medicines will help shake off the stress and bring in the light. 

Our Pricing Options

Emotional Consultation - Basic


Everything included:

  • 1 Hour Emotional Consultation with Shalu to get to the root cause of your blocks Value $195
  • Video or audio recording So you can rewatch & fill in any blanks you have missed the first time Value $29
  • A glass of structured alkaline water to keep your body hydrated Value $5
  • Personalized Energy Medicine Treatment to aid your body heal Value $50 (maximum)
  • Mind Map lifeline time sheets to track your emotions so we can unblock & heal your traumas Value $25
  • MEDITATION to help you relax, calm your mind, connect with your higher self & give gratitude for the beauty in your life Value $25
  • PERSONAL SITE - so you have all the tools in one convenient place for easy reference Value $99
  • PROTOCOL - Easy to follow take home protocol pDF to To Get Your Started On your healing journey at your own pace Value $99
  • LOVEBAND -To Help You Stay In The Present Moment & Stop Your Mind From Racing Value $0.99
  • BONUS #1 - Perfect Day Guide Value $299
  • BONUS #2 - 4L of Kangen Water Value $10
Total Value $836.99 Yours for $225
Emotional Consultation -


Everything included in the basic plus:

  • Auricular Chromotherapy Session: So you can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression associated with emotional trauma 15 min-30 min. Value $89
  • two 15 minutecheck-ins by phone Value $97.50
Total Value $1,023.49 Yours for $295

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our Money Back Guarantee. 

* Full Refund if you decide that this isn’t for you in the first 15 minutes from the start of the consultation 

* Refund if you feel you did not learn anything new


What is an emotional consultation?

An emotional consultation is a session where we uncover 'blocks' in your life that keep you stuck. Once we discover what they actually are we unblock them using various techniques to aid you to 'move on'.

Is the emotional consultation RIGHT FOR ME?

If you feel that you cannot focus because your mind is constantly racing and you cannot seem to calm it down, you may need an emotional release.  Find no joy in the activities you used to love? Is it hard for you to smile? Find gratitude for anything? Then a check up on your emotional health is a must.  Some physical symptoms of mental stress are digestive problems, headaches, muscle tension and stress hives.  Heal the physical by cleaning up your emotional state.

Why is a meditation included with my emotional consultation?

Mediation is important because it enhances happiness and overall well-being. It helps memory stay sharp and concentration steady.  It keeps you in the present moment thus alleviating and stress, anxiety or depression.  It also helps with better sleep.

What is a Mind Map Lifeline Timeline tht's INCLUDED IN THE CONSULTATION?

A lifeline timeline is a visual presentation or display of a list of emotionally charged (high and low) events from your life in chronological order.

What are common symptoms of depression?

People suffering from depression sleep a lot, have loss of appetite and an inability to smile.  They don’t feel good about how they look or life in general.  there is a sense of worthlessness.  They feel tired all the time and may experience radical weight changes.

what is the difference between anxiety and depression?

Both leave you feeling drained and fatigued.  Anxiety keeps us in fear and worry where depression is immense sadness.

I've tried everything under the sun, I'm not sure this will help. Do you offer a guarantee on your service?

Yes. We have helped a lot of people and are sure this will also help you. It's why we offer a guarantee so there's absolutely NO RISK to you:

* Full Refund if you decide that this isn’t for you in the first 15 minutes from the start of the consultation.

* Full Refund if you feel you did not learn anything new.


You decide. Most patients prefer an a video or telephone consultation, but its your decision. Please let us know which option you'd prefer once you call in for an appointment.

How do I book an Emotional Consultation?

You can call or email us to book your appointment. Shalu will personally book you in for your Emotional Consultation at your earliest convenience.

  • Phone: 705.828.2257
  • Email: Shalu@lovelotus.health

The Invisible Creates the Physical

The physical body is the hardware and the emotional body is the software. Corrupted software will eventually corrupt the hardware. Corrupted emotional energy creates corrupted tissues-disease.  Energy creates mass; in the case of corrupted energy it only creates a massive mess!  A sick mind always precedes a sick body.  Make yourself your number 1 priority.  Take massive personal action to create the beautiful life you desire and deserve.

 process guide 

How To Book Your Emotional Consultation


Call us directly at: 705.828.2257 or


Email us at: Shalu@lotuslife.health


Shalu will personally book you in for your Emotional Consultation at your earliest convenience.