I'm Shalu

My father was left completely broken while suffering from severe chronic pain after taking conventional medical treatments for his prostate cancer.

When he decided to change direction and see a naturopath I came across Dr. Darrell Wolfe. After this, my entire life changed and today I opened Lotus Life Health to help you change your life and take your health back into your own hands - the natural way!


Everything that Dr. Darrell Wolfe teaches and advocates for about natural health and wellness resonated deeply with me.  Our bodies are designed to heal naturally.  We need to build the relationship with ourselves and take back our power.  I will forever be grateful to my father for leading me to this path for I have found my passion and my way to serve.

The invisible creates the physical

Physical pain and injury manifests in different parts of our body depending on our suppressed and unprocessed emotions.  Did you know that the lungs hold grief and regret? The kidneys, anger and frustration? The quicker we deal with and release the emotions, the quicker we heal.  The Perfect Day Consultation is designed to help uncover the many areas where we are struggling.   

Kangen Water Filter system device in a white color

Drinking the right amount of water

Drinking the right amount of water will also reduce inflammation in the body.  Inflammation causes many aches and pains in the body. We are not meant to live in pain.  Release the pain using the Reiki infused Wolfe non-surgical technique.  You will not only be treated but also be taught how to reduce your pain with easy daily practices.  What you eat, what you drink and what you think matters! 

Lady with painted toes in a red color is standing on a scale to check her weight

One thing many of us struggle with is weight

Excess weight not only makes us feel badly about ourselves but contributes to many diseases as well. 

Just knowing the fact that we need to drink  3\4 of an ounce of water for each pound we weigh, and then drinking the right amount  and type of water can help reach the ideal weight. 

A brown hair girl sitting with her back to us wearing a red sweater hands are on her shoulders one saying pain and the other friend to tell us that pain is out friend

Pain is our friend

 It is our body’s way to alert us that something needs attention.  Would you ignore the fire alarm if it went off? Would you go unplug it so it wouldn’t disturb you? Popping a pill to numb the pain is doing exactly that.  You are unplugging the fire alarm instead of seeking out and dealing with the problem.  After taking the courses and getting certified by Brave Heart Nation, I am confident in techniques and practices that will help you deal with and heal any problems you are struggling with. 

The Journey That Lead Me To Open Lotus Life Health

Shalu persaud
Owner & Operator of Lotus Life. Health