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Nutritional Consultation

What you eat, what you drink & what you think matters!  

How would you like knowing exactly how to love and care for your body from the moment that you rise until you gently close your eyes? Let us help you design a plan to detox, lose weight and live a vibrant, pain free life. 

Make every day Your Perfect Day!  


The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Day to promote whole body healing: 

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

So you can nourish your body with live foods to keep a healthy flow.

High Frequency Nutraceuticals

Help to support the body to function optimally while raising your vibration and frequency.

Emotional Balance

Mirror work and affirmations will help you connect with yourself and strengthen the bond of self love.  'I am, I can, I will.'

Exercise & Advanced Energy Medicine

Learn how to breathe properly and how to do low impact exercises to lengthen, strengthen and tone your beautiful temple. 

Frequency is the most important aspect of the 4 pillars of whole-body healing.  What one eats, drinks and thinks and does needs to be high-vibrational.  Vibration creates everything – everything is frequency! This is why the Perfect Day Lifestyle is built on a foundation of high vibrational living foods.  

The 8 Rules to Healthy Eating


Never eat when you’re upset


When Preparing Food

Put your heart into it.  Make what you love, love what you make because it will become a part of you.


Never use the dinner table for a place to discuss family problems


Bless Your Food

Give it gratitude knowing that whatever you are eating has given it’s life for you and that the closer it is to nature, the healthier and happier you will be.


Chew your food

So well that you are drinking your solids and chewing your liquids. 


Never eat late at night. 


Do not mistake thirst, tiredness or being bored as hunger. 


Do not use eating as a way to suppress your emotions. 

Your Personalised Nutritional Consultation

New Mindset Loading

Have you tried all the diets and fads only to still be struggling with your weight and health?  Did you know that what you eat, what you drink and what you think are what is showing up for you in your body? 

Learn about how powerful your body really is and how you can heal quickly.  Correct food combining and water consumption are just the beginning of getting your health back!  There are so many high frequency nutraceuticals that will not only help you detox and cleans but also keep your vibrations high.  

Click the button below to learn how you can take massive personal action and get your health back! 

Input = Output

Nutrition is a recognized branch of science that deals with food and the nutrients that can be obtained from them. Cells survive not only because of the oxygen but also due to various minerals, vitamins, and enzymes from the food that a person consumes. There is a big difference between feeding and nourishing the body.  In today’s society, eating has a huge social aspect attached to it. Many time not only will we eat the wrong foods but eat excessively in social situations.  Therefore, food can be a source of many metabolic problems as they can contain additives, preservatives, and other ingredients that may be toxic or plain unhealthy for the cells.  What you put in matters.  You will only get out the quality of energy from the food put in based on the quality of food eaten.

The main purpose of nutrition consultation is to educate and make sure that you learn about nourishing the body and are able to harness all the good nutrients to keep your body healthy. People with chronic or serious diseases can also take advantage of it as a complementary therapy.

Who Should Undergo and Expected Results

Those who are already overweight or obese – Weighing way more than your ideal body weight is both an aesthetics and serious health problem. Obesity is associated with cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers. We can help in safely losing excess pounds by introducing sustainable diets and closely monitoring your progress. 

People who want to achieve optimal health – You don’t have to be sick before you start seeing your nutritionist or dietitian. In fact, to achieve optimal health, it’s best to approach one while you’re still feeling well to fend off diseases particularly those that are life-threatening such as cancer. We can help you plan your meals, select the types of food that are best for your medical history profile, and monitor your progress. 

People with various medical conditions – The majority of health conditions can be improved by proper nutrition. Take note that nutrition alone may not be enough, and it may not cure an illness. However, it may be helpful in alleviating symptoms, delaying the progress of the disease, or enhancing the patient’s response to treatment. 

THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE – Weighing way more than your ideal body weight is both an aesthetics and serious health problem. Obesity is associated with cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and even certain types of cancers. We can help in safely losing excess pounds by introducing sustainable diets and closely monitoring your progress. 

What we offer

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Better Physical and mental Health

We assess your history and keep your goals as a target when designing your map to better health. 

Improvement of Mood

You feel empowered when you take control of your current situation and know the action steps to regain better health.

Free & Flowing

Detox protocol to keep the bowels moving with ease giving you lots to smile about.  A clean large intestine is the holy grail of life giving you a more positive outlook toward health and medical condition.

Reduced Inflammation

Fewer symptoms and greater mobility as a result of removing inflammatory foods from your diet. 

Your Nutritional Consultation

We focus on:

Personalized Perfect Day Protocol

Healthy Diet & Recipes

High Frequency Nutraceuticals


Pain Free Body & Abundant Energy 

How amazing would it be to know exactly how to nourish your body from the moment that you rise until you gently close your eyes?  With the knowledge of how much and what to put in to fuel your body, you will feel a shift in your mindset from helpless to empowered.  Your body will thank you and reward you with extra energy and vitality when you set your health goals and then take massive personal action to achieve them.   

How Shalu Can Help 

Coming from a family business in the food service industry, Shalu’s motto was ‘I live to eat’ not ‘I eat to live’.  Food was her therapy and escape from the pressures of life.  Now having learned the proper way to honor and nourish the body, Shalu can help you evaluate your relationship with food and recognize your addictions and bad habits.   

Your body is your vehicle for life.  Proper care and maintenance will ensure a beautiful journey ahead.  Unfortunately, we neglect our body’s many cries for water and abuse it by the processed food we ingest.  What we eat, drink and think has a huge impact on how our body performs.  Shalu can help you re-establish a wholesome relationship with yourself so you learn how to properly love and nourish it.   



Quebec, Canada

... PLUS the bonus

For all new patients, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses:

4 L of Kangen Water 

Take home a 4L Kagen Water

Value: $10
Yours FREE 

Perfect Day Guide

Receive a free pdf of The Perfect Day Guide.  This book contains a wealth of information on health and wellness to aid you in the healing.

Value: $299
Yours FREE 

Our Pricing Options

Nutritional Health Consultation


Everything included:

  • 1 HOUR NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION: With Shalu To Discover How to Nourish Your Body  Value $195
  • 1 Hour of Wolfe non-surgical treatment: With Shalu to remove physical blocks In The Body Value $195
  • GLASS OF STRUCTURED ALKALINE WATER: To Keep Your Body Hydrated Value $5
  • Bone Density Test: To check the health of your bones & test for osteopenia or osteoporosis Value $79
  • LOVEBAND: To Help You Stay In The Present Moment & Stop Your Mind From Racing Value $0.99
  • HOME PROTOCOL: Easy to follow steps so you can be on your way to better heath Value $99
  • PERSONAL WEBSITE: So You Have All The Tools In One Convenient Place For Easy Reference Value $99
  • BONUS #1 - Perfect Day Guide Value $299
  • BONUS #2 - 4L of Kangen Water Value $10
Total Value $882.99 Yours for $295
Emotional Consultation -


Everything included in the basic plus:

  • avacent therapy: So you can increase whole body circulation by 70%. Includes up to 10 minutes  Value $29
  • BIOPTRON THERAPY WITH C60 LENS: Increases the localized circulation by 47% 10 minutes  Value $29
  • VITAMIN D LIGHT THERAPY:  To Boost your immune stystem 5 min value $19
  • TWO 15 MINUTE: Check-Ins By Phone Value $97.50
  • PERSONAL WEBSITE ADDITIONS: Any additional protocols, audio or video recordings will be added to your website so you have everything located in one place or easy reference Value $69
Total Value $1,057.49 Yours for $395


Call 705.828.2257 or Email Shalu@lotuslife.health

What Makes Us Different?

Our bodies were perfectly made to self-regulate and self-heal. You have access to a pdf copy of The Perfect Day Guide to help you create your perfect day. You will learn about the extensive nutraceutical products we offer which are high frequency and backed by the Indigenous Doctorate of Natural Medicine.  As well you will have access to various energy medicines that will help you shake off stress and bring in the light.

money back

What Are You Waiting For?

There's absolutely NO RISK with our Money Back Guarantee. 

  • Full Refund if you decide that this isn’t for you in the first 15 minutes from the start of the consultation 
  • Refund if you feel you did not learn anything new  


What WILL WE GO OVER DURING THE nutritional consultation? 

We will go over your:

  • Current health status
  • Discuss your health goals
  • Build a road map to aid you reach your health goals

You'll also receive one Wolfe Non-Surgical Treatment.

How long is the initial consultation? 

The initial Nutritional Consultation can take up to 2.5 hrs. Please book the appropriate time frame.

What should I wear for the WOLFE NON-SURGICAL treatment? 

Loose, comfortable clothing is best.  Depending on the area being treated, some clothing may need to be removed. 

Does the Wolfe non-surgical treatment hurt?

Wolfe Non-Surgical treatments are similar to a deep tissue massage but we go in and remove calcification, crystallization and scar tissue.  This can be uncomfortable and even painful.  As we clean out the area, we release the issues from your tissues and sometimes bruising may occur.

Should I eat or drink anything before my treatment?

Proper hydration helps no matter what treatment you are coming for.  It is best to have eaten at least 1 to 2 hours before treatment.  If you are getting the abdomen worked on, it is best to keep the meal light.

How Do I Book a Nutritional Consultation?

You can call or email us to book your appointment. Shalu will personally book you in for your Emotional Consultation at your earliest convenience.

  • Phone: 705.828.2257
  • Email: Shalu@lotuslife.health

 process guide 

How To Book Your Nutritional Consultation


Call us directly at: 705.828.2257 or


Email us at: Shalu@lotuslife.health


Shalu will personally book you in for your Nutritional Consultation at your earliest convenience.