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You can start your own tedious & never ending online research to find out how to bring down the acidity in your body and spend countless hours of research in an attempt to find something that works.


You can have a full plan that's tried, tested, true to get you started on the right foot to bring down the acidity in your body all within the hour. All you need to do, is book a Nutritional Consultation.

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If you'd like to get healthy and discover the simple every day changes you need to do to get you there, book a Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Health Consultation


Everything included:

  • 1 HOUR NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION: With Shalu To Discover How to Nourish Your Body  Value $195
  • 1 Hour of Wolfe non-surgical treatment: With Shalu to remove physical blocks In The Body Value $195
  • GLASS OF STRUCTURED ALKALINE WATER: To Keep Your Body Hydrated Value $5
  • Bone Density Test: To check the health of your bones & test for osteopenia or osteoporosis Value $79
  • LOVEBAND: To Help You Stay In The Present Moment & Stop Your Mind From Racing Value $0.99
  • HOME PROTOCOL: Easy to follow steps so you can be on your way to better heath Value $99
  • BONUS #1 - Perfect Day Guide Value $299
  • BONUS #2 - 4L of Kangen Water Value $10
Total Value $832.99
Yours for $295

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